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If you think Its great being in the company of VIP escorts just wait until you get a taste of the action that we have for you. While some struggle to find international escorts we know exactly where to look and best of all make a booking with them. You really haven’t lived life until you’ve tasted the delights that only a well travelled escort can offer you.

I find women that can hold a conversation to be so sexy. It’s that intellect and the drive that they have that keeps you hooked on every word that they say. I had a recent encounter with a well versed escort that made you not just listen to every word they said, they made you savor it. She had such a sweet voice on her and she also spoke very good English.

I think it’s important that you can communicate with the girls, I’d really hate to be setup with an escort that didn’t speak a word of English, that would just be a total disaster. Escorts that travel internationally are often very high up on the social chain, even just getting a few short hours with them can often be a life changing moment.

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