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With my 40th birthday fast approaching my good friends figured that it was about time that they did something special for me. At the time I was blissfully unaware and it wasn’t until the morning of my birthday that I found out what was going on. Apparently, they figured that buying me a ticket to Milan and organizing a holiday was totally within reason. After the shock of it wore off I actually couldn’t thank them enough. It had been many years since I’d taken any time off and a visit to Milan was most certainly getting me in a good mood.

The flight was actually really good. It helped that I had so much to look forward too. I knew for a fact that the local escorts in Milan are among the most beautiful in the world. I doubt my buddies knew that when they booked my flights, or perhaps they did and I’m the one that’s been in the dark so to speak. Landing at the airport I could hardly control my excitement. I went directly to my hotel room, where I took a quick wash and then I was out and about checking out all the sights. The following night I had booked what I would expect to be one of the sexiest looking escorts that I could find. She looked like a goodness and boy was I going to treat her like one.

There are certain moments in our life that can be truly life-changing. If you reach out and grab it with both hands you can take full advantage of whatever comes your way. Right now I am just going to be counting down the seconds until I meet my escort in person. I’m also thinking about all the wicked things that we just might be doing together!

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